Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day Twenty-Five - It's Thursday (the official halfway)

Yes, that is really all I can say about today. I was not productive at all, not one bit.  Well, I finished the tree I was working on yesterday, but I am not really happy with it, I can see a better version in my head, so there is that and then I may have messed up my rainbow collage piece, black paint.  One should never paint edges when they are clearly too exhausted to really do it right. Tomorrow I will try to see what I can do to fix it. 

I can, at the very least, say I did try to work. I will say this I really thought up some cool, non-50/50 ideas.  I may try to take sometime over the next few days to work on those as well. 

Not one picture today, except for this one that I accidentally took I my purse the other day and I think it's pretty cool.


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