Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day Forty-Two - A Painting Day

Today, I painted. Here are two of the three I worked on. 

I could paint trees like this all day. Trees with no leaves on their branches as they reach towards the sky. I do believe this collect of silhouettes will have a few of them. 

I really am loving how the palm trees turned out. Especially love the back ground on of it. This one just all came together quickly. It is a nice feeling when all that happens. 

The weekend is over. I wish there was still one more day. I plan tomorrow to start laying out the panels to see how they will fit together. I need to see where they all need to be and see what needs to be added to the mix. There is always something that can be added to the mix. 

AND then I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday, something I really needed now that I am home. It took the pressure off of the day and the food was delicious!

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