Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A March Wandering

This is the view outside my work. I do admit it's gorgeous. I am lucky, I have a great job that allows me this view, freedom but by judging from the last time I posted here it seems that I have been distracted by life and work has been extremely busy. I work in roofing and we are in rainy season. I haven't stopped being creative. I just couldn't seem to keep up I guess with Instagram, Facebook, my blog and real life, but I don't feel that's fair to my creative expression. I enjoyed so much sharing my 50/50 series and little things in the past. I am going to hope that this little note will be the great beginnings of many more to come.

I am excited to be able to show you some of my new wanderings which have lead me towards paper collage and paint brushes. 

Until then. Be Kind.