Monday, June 30, 2014

Day Twenty-Two - Heat wave

For those of us who live in Pacifica, when it gets above 69, we may say it's too hot.  I have no idea what the actual temperature was today, but I do know its 10 pm right now and all the doors and windows are still open. I just love our foggy, natural air condition days. So having said all this, I was just not feeling any inspiration today, I began cutting some silhouettes and that resulted in nothing, I cut some sleeves to hold the finished products, I touched up and cleaned up some finished pieces and then I just saw yellow and oranges and pinks. I had painted some left over paint on a blank panel the other day. I hate to waste paint. Then I found a photograph that I had printed to use as an inspiration.  So this was what I created. 

I am just going to let each day lead me somewhere, even if it's not productive, even if it's not going to be used for the 50. I have this little stash of boards and they will be greatly used. I do love for art to takeover and just have complete trust in myself that I will lead me to great series.  

So from here on out, I don't think am going to have set in stone plans. It just seems when I do other things just change them and it's not worth fighting them or getting frustrated because of them. It's just a new turn in a road. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day Twenty-One - Artistically Artists

Today, the artists selected to be part of this wonderful show gathered together to show our progress. It was a great afternoon! There was so much talent in this little classroom and this show is going to show the strength of us artists! It really takes that - strength. You are pushing yourself, even if it is a medium you are familiar with or something completely new. It's your strength that gets your creativity flowing, that strength that keeps you moving and that strength that helps you know you are doing it all right.

This isn't an idea for my series, but it was a little something I was working on and was not happy with. It's 2x2 in size and when I tossed it away I was fine with it. Though today I was going through my papers to recycle and found it amongst the scraps and instantly felt it was perfect. It's those moments that I find some sense of strength. I really don't know why but today it was right. 

That's what this 50/50 journey is taking me. Expect to be surprised by something daily!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day Twenty - And Then There was Today

So, all the plans I thought I had yesterday, just weren't there today. I got up did a really nice run and was ready to get things done. Then I started to finish up my AGP piece. This was the moment that changed the entire day. I literally had to start the painting all over again and I even finished it with only a few little touches tomorrow. 

I am totally fine with not working on 50/50 today. I am, however, always working on things in my head. I have many plans that will happen soon. I am very much looking forward to this long weekend coming up. I plan on just locking myself in my art room and working away!  

Friday, June 27, 2014

Day Ninteen - It's all About Colors

Today, I listened to that little voice inside my head - rainbows, they said to me. So that is precisely what I did.

I already know what silhouette will be matched with this back ground. It's quite exciting, just listening to what comes to my mind. Truly, it never lets me down. 
It was a perfect Friday. I could have stayed at my table a few more hours if it wasn't for that nagging thing called time. 

On a different subject, my AGP piece took a turn. I was just not happy with the dark blue so I cut out all the circle waves to make something like this. 

So tomorrow this will be finished as well as some more panel ideas. I think it will be a silhouette making day, but since it's not yet tomorrow, you will need to check back to see what happens! 

Have a happy weekend.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day Eighteen - Surprise, Surprise

Thursdays are always my longest days and having this project adds to it. So when I got home today, I worked a little on my AGP painting and then I fingured I would cut strips or paint edges, just something to work on the panels. Then this happened. 

I love when this happens. This something, this inspiration, this listening to yourself. I had no plan tonight, but I did have the photos I had printed out and this is from one of them. A pier will be added to this in the near future. 

Tomorrow is Friday! Yes! I am just going to just come and listen to the day. Perhaps the weather will be nice enough and my camera and I will get an outing. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day Seventeen - Making a Plan

Today was a lot like yesterday. I painted my piece for the new AGP show and finished all the edges for my collage and painting panels. They are ready to go. Which is a good place to be. I also went through my photos to gather up some pieces to work from. I have some great concert pictures that will make excellenct silhouettes. At the moment they are being printed now. 
This little bit of planning has left me excited for the days to come. This coming Sunday we all meet as 50/50 artists for the half way point. It is a great few hours to discuss how we are doing. I so hope it is a strong turnout. 

Again, it is a picture-less post, perhaps tomorrow a time machine will appear. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day Sixteen - Regroup

Today, today I regrouped. I counted out my panels for each style I am working with and painted the edges. Not very creative or inspiring but much needed. Its only 17 days in and for some feeling I feel very behind. I am not behind. I am right where I need to be on this journey and you can not compare yourself to the other artwork you see being created. I like not worrying and I need to keep that state of mind. So I am accepting the few moments of panic that happen and look forward to what the next 33 days or so bing me!

No photos today. Blacks edges are it very exciting! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Day Fifteen - Just Listen

I had this plan tonight. I was going to finish the painting I began and re-began yesterday. Then I say down at my table and began to cut strips and go through my bins of paper. I really am finding joy in paper, it's a great feeling. So rather than paint I made these:

This one above is all about time travel. This below, the colors and pattern on the paper just called out to me and this was created.

I do apologize for the poor photo quality. The lighting is not ideal and I am using my phone. I have plans on improving this in the future. These are merely the bits and pieces of this project and once it is all complete I will post the series all together. 

Now that sixteen days have passed, feels so much longer, I need to regroup and focus my enery better, because I could literally cut and glue all day!! Tomorrow's agenda I believe will be to organize and paint panels black, unless I am instructed otherwise.  

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day Fourteen - Alway Check For The Nail Hole

Today, I painted. I finished some final touches on one and hoped to finish a second when I realized I was painting it upside down! OPPS! I had painted this panel for a few days and just realized. Well, only thing to do was start a new one. 

After beginning the new panel, I worked on my new piece for the Art Guild. I have a few more layers but am very happy with this!

Then began new panels for future ideas. I am not sure yet what will be on these but I am happy with them as well. 

Tomorrow is Monday, back to work, back to planning my hours out, unfortunately. I just had such a nice weekend getting lost in creating it makes it hard to go back to the work week. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day Thirteen - Summer Solstice

There is a bit of magic in the air today. It's the first day of summer, the longest day of the year and for myself one that always proves to be extremely creative. It has proven that once again. Today I finished to collages, one I began today as  well, began another collage background and painting one. 

I am very happy with the progress I have made with my 50/50. This journey is so different than my past too, but I am longing to pick up my camera and find the silhouettes that hide in the evening light or at the first break of day. I plan on focusing some time next week to go and explore. 

I am very excited to have one more day at my art table tomorrow because on top of 50/50, AGP has an upcoming show "Full Circle". This is what I thought up and began today. 

I am completely amazed when I can be thinking of one thing and this appears in my head. It will be a great day tomorrow. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Day Twelve - Yellows, Reds & Oranges

Finally after a week of not really producing much, I was able to make two backgrouds and start a new silhouette. Sometimes you need those not so amazing days to make something amazing.

These pieces are just some of what I have floating about in my mind. I really take inspiration in photographs. I am working with paper to recreate some of these images that inspired me so.

Tomorrow and Sunday, I am planning painting, finishing up these few collages that I feel are just about done. That is one important factor in this whole process, listening to your inner voice and knowing when the piece is done. 

Day Eleven - The Next Morning

I completely forgot to write last night. This is how it went yesterday. 

It was a prep evening. I painted a new background for a yet to be started painted and a sliced strips of paper for my sunset idea I tried to make the other evening but had many failed attempts. 

It's Friday morning now and after work 50/50 will be in full force. I am excited to have the weekend and very much ready to loose myself in the success of it and in the failed attempts!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day Ten - Knowing Your Limits

Today was a true test of knowing when to stop. I knew today needed to produce something, yet with all my ideas in my head none were really calling out "create me" to me. On top of the lack of inspiration, I had a migraine. I suffer from them and am on a daily medication for it, but there are still times I wake up to one and today was one of those mornings. After an outdoor walk to aid with my headache, I came home and went to my art room to begin. This was where I stopped - after the second attempt. 

It just wasn't coming to life. It wasn't doing a thing but waste glue. 

See this process will be filled with failed attempts and I am fine with that. I am fine knowing I just couldn't create today. I am hoping a good rest and some brainstorming will prove some good the next time I take a seat at my table. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day Nine - Once

This was magical! Art is all about finding inspiration in things you do everyday and treats you give yourself. This show was a treat to me. I had been waiting since January to see it live! If you have the moment to see it, go! 

Tomorrow, Day Ten things will start to fall back into place I am bursting with ideas!! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Day Eight - Allons-y!

This is how I spent my eighth day. The best thing is I have an excellent idea for a panel based on today's event. 

If you aren't aware of who Doctor Who is. He is a Timelord who travels time and space in his T.A.R.D.I.S. It's a wonderful show filled with so much imagination. Once he dies he regenerates into a new Doctor. The show has been on TV since the 1963 and there has been 11 regenerations. I highly recommend getting hooked! BBC America will run the new Doctor starting in the fall. 

Back to my 50/50, it's nice to have this break(s), it allows my mind to sort out all my ideas and lets my mind create new. 

Tomorrow, another adventures awaits me, can't wait to share that with you also!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day Seven - Begin and Begin, Again

Today, the fourth time was my charm. I was working on my collage and it just kept not working. I felt I was fighting myself and after three failed attempts. I simply took a look away and simplified.  

I stil need to add the silhouette to it. I have decided when all 50 days are complete I will unveil the finished pieces. But daily I will post the backdrops  to them. 

With the exception of the one below, this one is just at the beginning and you will the silhouette take form on this one. For many know my enjoyment of trees. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day Six - New Ideas Come to Life

Today I manged to print out some ideas. And start two new ones. Weekends will be the days I catch up. I can sit for hours and I love to do so, painting and creating my collages. 

Skies and trees are favorites of mine. This is the beginning of one I have been longing to paint. Another great thing about this project is working on ideas that have been dancing about in your mind. 

I think this one may become of favorite of mine. I was scared when I began. Had I chosen the right colors? Were these too dark? And where would the ravens go? This is just in the beginning stages. 

I am looking forward to day seven! Excited to get the finishing touches on the above and work on the collage ideas I have. 

I do hope you are enjoying these daily posts.