Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day Thirty - A Break

So, it wasn't a real break, I did do a little cutting paper and touch up to a painting that I think will need to be started again. I did do something to get things moving along and ready for this upcoming weekend. I believe I will be locking myself away again.

I did go and see one of the BEST movies I have seen this year. I am a total movie goer. I could go daily, if that was even possible. I had been waiting a few months to see this movie before it was even called Begin Again, when it was called Can A Song Save Your Life? I prefer the former title, because a song can save your life and that is what this entire movie it is about. It's funny, heart warming and makes you believe in the goodness of people, no matter how down on life they may be and it is completely due to the music.  The music that shapes your day, helps you heal and leads you where you want to go, music really has such an impact on your life. This is one of those movies that you watch until the last line of the credits roll. 

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