Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day Forty-One - Seeing Things

I am beginning to see thing in silhouettes, everywhere I go, its quite fun. I just wish sometimes all that I saw would actually be. 

I had intended on being out all morning with my camera, the fog had other plans. I did manage to take some pictures that I think will become the last of my paintings or collages, but we shall see. I say that a lot, we shall see, but it's true.  Each day I have my plan, each day it gets changed, and whether or not it is for the best,  it happens. I got home and went straight back to the art table. I made a new raven for a collage, the other was just too small.

I made a new collage background for an angel, the other ones I had just didn't fit right for her.

I also finished three more paintings, they just needed those finishing touches. It was so nice to see the rich black silhouette really pop on the panel. 

And I began to paint the panels for my photographs. So all in all it was a productive day. And as you can tell by this final picture, things are a little blurred. Well, sometimes by then end of the day, it is the clearest you can see. 

Tomorrow, I have a few ideas of what I would like to do mixed with some socializing! SO that always makes for a fun day!! 

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