Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day Thirty-One - Three finished!

Was not expecting to finish three, but I did! 
Two more collages and one painting, it was quite wonderful. 

These two pieces I have been working on and they needed their finishing touches on them. You can not tell very well in these pictures, but I added little bits to make the silhouette not look so flat.  I think this weekend I may take some time to photograph professionally the completed ones. 

This is the painting I finished, the Mori Point Tree.  I love this one.  

I also worked on two backgrounds, this one has a silhouette and maybe a name, Country Boy. Mr. Scott Avett on guitar. I really enjoy taking these images from the concerts I have seen and make them into art pieces.  

Tomorrow, I am not sure what will happen.  I need to work on these backgrounds some more.  I have two more paintings that are just about done and I want to go through my photo files for more inspiration.  The ones I already picked have found their place amongst these silhouettes.  Everything seems to be falling in to place, sometimes I need that sense of wander, panic and frustration to bring out the best I have.  

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