Friday, July 18, 2014

Day Forty - Always Have a Plan B

Today I drove up to San Francisco got to the end of the Great Highway and turned back around. I was watching the clouds, well fog, roll in and out, I was convinced it was clearing up. At least it did look that way from Pacifica, so needless to say, I took a nice drive. 

I had a Plan B, I always knew I would spend sometime at my art table. I managed to finish two more panels and begin two new ones. It was a nice feeling. I have said it before but I am feeling that the pressure is on. I have spent so much time you still want to give the attention you gave at the beginning of this journey. 

These two panels are just helping me get just a bit of the pressure off. 

There are some little finishing touches needed, but these will be finished by the end of the weekend!! Two more full weekends left!! 

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