Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day Thirty-Nine - A Do-Over

This is how I spent my evening, redoing a piece that I just was not happy about which was one of my first ones I had finished. I still have some branches to grow but this piece I am much more happier with than the first one. The nice thing is most of the times, when things like this happen, (which is quite often) the newer piece is much more what I had in mind.

Things are coming to an end so quickly, it amazing how time can vanish. I am a little behind, but that is kind of the way I do things, I am always a step behind and catch up just when needed to. 

The weekend is upon us! I am excited to get out and go exploring for silhouettes and I am just as equally excited to spend that time at my art table for many pieces are just about finished. I even think I have come up with my 50th piece idea! As things usually go for me, I was sitting at the stop light on my way into work and this idea just formed in my head! We shall see where that goes too.

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