Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day Twenty-Seven - Prepping and Finishing

Today I cut about 50 sheets of butcher paper to make envelopes to hold my pieces.  May seem like a waste but now once a piece is done or almost done or just needs to be put aside there is a safe place for it.  It is quite important part of this process.  I would hate to make a panel only to have it damaged. So that was the first part of my morning. Then I went on to make and/or finished these.

These above are finished, I believe, but maybe more will come to them.  I had to travel back through time and space and redo the panel for this piece below, but I am so very happy with it.  I have had it sitting to the side for a few days. I am very very happy with it.

I painted a little, mostly edges.  I also found some more images to silhouette.  This makes me very excited for tomorrow! Very excited! I am almost finished with all the collages, I will be sad to see them be finished. Though I haven't really painted many due to this slight addiction to paper. 

I am also still waiting for the sun, summer has officially started in Pacifica which means fog, fog, and more fog.  This makes it slightly difficult to get out with my camera, I need to start being more mindful of the suns rise and set and plan days accordingly. Sometimes that is easier said than done.

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