Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day Thirty-Four - Panel Party

Started this day with a seven mile run and absolutely no plan except I was going to work all day in my art room.  Once I got my day started, it was a slow start, I began cutting strips. I began gluing strips. I made the following panel backgrounds.

Then this one appeared.

Then I got a text from a friend about backsplashes and it inspired this.

When I got a phone call from my sister to watch with my niece for a little bit, I was at the perfect stopping point. I figured I would bring my cutting supplies and make more strips for the final few panels, I left to go to her house got there and no cutting supplies, just my paper, so I played games on my iphone and watched Harry Potter, perhaps the universe knew I needed a break. When I got back home and after one little ice cream break, I created this.

I have one more panel left to make, the strips are all ready and then I just need to find the silhouettes that works best for each.

The 50th day is slowly coming and seeing the pieces complete or almost complete is a wonderful feeling.  There is also that feeling that I have sooo much more to do, but really everything just seems to be falling into their own place.  Tomorrow is another day of art, I plan on no interruptions! We shall see how that goes.

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