Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day Twenty-Eight - Oh, Creativity

It was a good day to the end of this weekend! I worked on two collages and started three paintings. I definitely feel like I am in a better place than I was in a few days ago. It was a much needed hermit-like weekend.

My two collages are almost done. They need some find tuning, but the basic idea is there. 

My surfer needs some more work, but the idea is just what I needed. I need a larger silhouette to balance things out. My jumping one just makes me smile, there is a happy memory in this one. 

My paintings all just happened. I knew a little what I wanted on the backgrounds but not for sure on the silhouette.  Then these just happened.

This next one, I has been staring at the panel all day and finally after I thought I was finished, this silhouette just seemed to be the perfect one

I am not happy about painting the cable lines, but I will take them one at a time if need be.  I am happy that once it is finished it will pop nicely!

I also worked on these two panels, not sure which if any will be used for the silhouette, but that silhouette will find its place.

So all in all, looking back at this weekend, it was really amazing! I am really excited to show the final pieces! The show opens August 22!!

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