Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A March Wandering

This is the view outside my work. I do admit it's gorgeous. I am lucky, I have a great job that allows me this view, freedom but by judging from the last time I posted here it seems that I have been distracted by life and work has been extremely busy. I work in roofing and we are in rainy season. I haven't stopped being creative. I just couldn't seem to keep up I guess with Instagram, Facebook, my blog and real life, but I don't feel that's fair to my creative expression. I enjoyed so much sharing my 50/50 series and little things in the past. I am going to hope that this little note will be the great beginnings of many more to come.

I am excited to be able to show you some of my new wanderings which have lead me towards paper collage and paint brushes. 

Until then. Be Kind. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Head in the clouds

Seems it is so easy to get your heads stuck in the clouds. After completing my 50/50 series and then the rush of holiday shows and keeping everyday things going and working, it seems like some things got lost.  Such as blogging.  I am making the effort this year starting with this little one. I have been working on a painting, writing, but I am longing to get out with my camera again.

There is a whole new year ahead and I am looking forward for the moments when my head is in the clouds, sometimes that is when the inspiration hits the best!

Until next time, find your inspiration and set it free.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Music and the BART Train

When I am not working the "real" job or working on my photography or painting or running or the countless other things that enter our day to day routine. I go to concerts! As I write this it is early Saturday morning I am stuck on the BART train waiting for another train, its confusing. I do have good music playing in my ears. At the moment I am listening to Thirty Seconds to Mars, but I am going to write about The Avett Brothers.

I saw them last weekend. It was my fourth time and they never disappoint.  These two brothers from North Carolina have a way to bring us together in such a special way. They make us stomp our feet and raise our hands to the sky. 

I need music of any kind to bring calmness in to my life but it also allows me to capture moments like that above. Of Scott and Seth Avett singing about how it's in with the new and it's out with the old, well in comes the warm and out goes the cold, how it's the most predictable story told, it's in with the new and it's out with the old - Down with the Shine. 

Many musicians I listen to also artists themselves, they are photographers, painters, sculpturers and it's all fascinating to have inspiration not only from their music but what they create. 

The BART train has arrived!! So off home. Tomorrow night I have another show, Old Crow Medicine Show! 

Be happy and find your own inspiration!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Series Of Silhouettes

The moment has finally come! My series is up on the wall after 50 plus days. It was such an amazing journey. I pushed my boundaries and learned my limits. Something that as an artist and being whom I am is HUGE! 
There were no freak outs, frustration or despair! And that most definitely happens in my world. I am very proud of these 50 6x6 panels and of myself. 

There were many times where I thought to myself "What am I doing?" And below is the inspiration that came from asking myself! They are all available for purchase $55 plus tax and can be shipped, if needed. 

I do hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

My Artist Statement:
A Series of Silhouettes
Silhouette by definition is an image of a person, animal, object or scene represented as a solid shape of a singular color. The interior of a silhouette is featureless, and the whole is typically presented on a light background, usually white, or none at all.  I decided to take it a step further adding my own twist to what I think a silhouette is.

This series consists of my stories, concerts I have been too, images I have always wanted to create into mysteries, and some simply the trees I love. Being challenged by the 6x6 panel staring blank at me was fantastic. It made me really stop and think and not rush. Being able to express myself in these three mediums, photography, painting and collage was really the best part of this entire journey.  Photography is where I feel most comfortable, painting is where I feel most free and collage was where I found new inspiration.

Silhouettes for me create mystery, create a focal point, and create a mood; the shape stands stark against a backdrop of color or pattern and for me it starts to make a story.  A story that can be anything you imagine. I have always had a fascination with shadows, with dark and light, and the way light can hide behind objects. Darkness and shadows can still show detail, you just need to look closer in order to find.

# 1 ~ A Gentleman of the Road
 # 2 ~ Sunset, Pedro Point
 # 3 ~ Sunset, Golf Course

 # 4 ~  On the Clothes Line

 # 5 ~  Tree of Life

   # 6 ~ Evening Glow
   # 7 ~ “I and Love and You” The Avett Brothers

     # 8 ~ A Sunset in the Reeds

    # 9 ~ Sunset Flight

 # 10 ~ At Sunrise
 # 11 ~ Blooming

   # 12 ~ Lands End, Point Bonita
 # 13 ~ Sunset, Milagra Ridge

   # 14 ~ Evening Session

   # 15 ~ Standing Tall

  # 16 ~ “Love, We Need it Now” The Lumineers

   # 17 ~ Blues & Yellows

   # 18 ~ Morning Light

   # 19 ~ California Dreaming

  # 20 ~ Jump For Joy

   # 21 ~ For Solace

   # 22 ~ Telling Stories to the Sky

   # 23 ~ Guardian

 # 24 ~ Queen Ann Glow

   # 25 ~ Dusk, Mori Point
 # 26 ~ Flutters

  # 27 ~ Dusk in the Reeds

   # 28 ~ Country Boy, Banjo Playing

 # 29 ~ Trust Me, I’m The Doctor - SOLD

# 30 ~ The Three Graces

 # 31 ~ Early Dawn, Setting Moon
 # 32 ~ Make A Wish

   # 33 ~ On Evenings Path

  # 34 ~ Protector

   # 35 ~ Delicate

   # 36 ~ Evening Stroll
 # 37 ~ Sunday Morning Session

 # 38 ~ Folk Singer

   # 39 ~ Pillow Clouds

   # 40 ~ Sunset, Moonrise
 # 41 ~ Raven, Sir  - SOLD

  # 42 ~ Morning Has Broken

   # 43 ~ Old Crow Singing

 # 44 ~ Sisters

  # 45 ~ The Lone Tree

   # 46 ~ A Festival Welcome
 # 47 ~ Hi-Five

# 48 ~ Dusk in the Quarry
# 49 ~ Queen Ann
  # 50 ~ Inspiration