Friday, July 4, 2014

Day Twenty-Six - Was a Blast, Literally!

Happy 4th of July!! Living in Pacifica that means bams and bombs and blasts, it's loud and beautiful. I was in heaven away from it all, bunkered down, one might say, in my room, as I had been mentioning.  It was a very productive day! And the start of this three day weekend that I really needed.  

First, I traveled through time and place.

Then I revisited a folk singer.

Then went to the beach.

Then grew some flowers.

Then I found a fan.

I also worked on and finished a painting, but that will be revealed tomorrow. It was a great day, the ideas were there, I still need to figure out the fan, the picture above was my third attempt.  So perhaps it was a good thing that I made all these background and didn't have the silhouette just yet.  

It's even better that tomorrow is only Saturday! I spent a good 12 hours today, thank goodness I own the entire series of Charmed, that's my treat, I get to work on things l really love while watching shows that I enjoy.  On a normal day, that would not happen.

Tomorrow, I am going to get these above finished and work on the other two panels that have
completed backgrounds. It will be exciting to see where things go!

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