Saturday, September 20, 2014

Music and the BART Train

When I am not working the "real" job or working on my photography or painting or running or the countless other things that enter our day to day routine. I go to concerts! As I write this it is early Saturday morning I am stuck on the BART train waiting for another train, its confusing. I do have good music playing in my ears. At the moment I am listening to Thirty Seconds to Mars, but I am going to write about The Avett Brothers.

I saw them last weekend. It was my fourth time and they never disappoint.  These two brothers from North Carolina have a way to bring us together in such a special way. They make us stomp our feet and raise our hands to the sky. 

I need music of any kind to bring calmness in to my life but it also allows me to capture moments like that above. Of Scott and Seth Avett singing about how it's in with the new and it's out with the old, well in comes the warm and out goes the cold, how it's the most predictable story told, it's in with the new and it's out with the old - Down with the Shine. 

Many musicians I listen to also artists themselves, they are photographers, painters, sculpturers and it's all fascinating to have inspiration not only from their music but what they create. 

The BART train has arrived!! So off home. Tomorrow night I have another show, Old Crow Medicine Show! 

Be happy and find your own inspiration!