Monday, June 30, 2014

Day Twenty-Two - Heat wave

For those of us who live in Pacifica, when it gets above 69, we may say it's too hot.  I have no idea what the actual temperature was today, but I do know its 10 pm right now and all the doors and windows are still open. I just love our foggy, natural air condition days. So having said all this, I was just not feeling any inspiration today, I began cutting some silhouettes and that resulted in nothing, I cut some sleeves to hold the finished products, I touched up and cleaned up some finished pieces and then I just saw yellow and oranges and pinks. I had painted some left over paint on a blank panel the other day. I hate to waste paint. Then I found a photograph that I had printed to use as an inspiration.  So this was what I created. 

I am just going to let each day lead me somewhere, even if it's not productive, even if it's not going to be used for the 50. I have this little stash of boards and they will be greatly used. I do love for art to takeover and just have complete trust in myself that I will lead me to great series.  

So from here on out, I don't think am going to have set in stone plans. It just seems when I do other things just change them and it's not worth fighting them or getting frustrated because of them. It's just a new turn in a road. 

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