Monday, June 23, 2014

Day Fifteen - Just Listen

I had this plan tonight. I was going to finish the painting I began and re-began yesterday. Then I say down at my table and began to cut strips and go through my bins of paper. I really am finding joy in paper, it's a great feeling. So rather than paint I made these:

This one above is all about time travel. This below, the colors and pattern on the paper just called out to me and this was created.

I do apologize for the poor photo quality. The lighting is not ideal and I am using my phone. I have plans on improving this in the future. These are merely the bits and pieces of this project and once it is all complete I will post the series all together. 

Now that sixteen days have passed, feels so much longer, I need to regroup and focus my enery better, because I could literally cut and glue all day!! Tomorrow's agenda I believe will be to organize and paint panels black, unless I am instructed otherwise.  

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