Friday, June 27, 2014

Day Ninteen - It's all About Colors

Today, I listened to that little voice inside my head - rainbows, they said to me. So that is precisely what I did.

I already know what silhouette will be matched with this back ground. It's quite exciting, just listening to what comes to my mind. Truly, it never lets me down. 
It was a perfect Friday. I could have stayed at my table a few more hours if it wasn't for that nagging thing called time. 

On a different subject, my AGP piece took a turn. I was just not happy with the dark blue so I cut out all the circle waves to make something like this. 

So tomorrow this will be finished as well as some more panel ideas. I think it will be a silhouette making day, but since it's not yet tomorrow, you will need to check back to see what happens! 

Have a happy weekend.

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