Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day Ten - Knowing Your Limits

Today was a true test of knowing when to stop. I knew today needed to produce something, yet with all my ideas in my head none were really calling out "create me" to me. On top of the lack of inspiration, I had a migraine. I suffer from them and am on a daily medication for it, but there are still times I wake up to one and today was one of those mornings. After an outdoor walk to aid with my headache, I came home and went to my art room to begin. This was where I stopped - after the second attempt. 

It just wasn't coming to life. It wasn't doing a thing but waste glue. 

See this process will be filled with failed attempts and I am fine with that. I am fine knowing I just couldn't create today. I am hoping a good rest and some brainstorming will prove some good the next time I take a seat at my table. 

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