Monday, June 9, 2014

Day One - 50/50

I am not exactly sure how 50/50 will unfold. Today was went smoothly, even with the mini heat wave we are having in Pacifica, I began with the sides of my 6x6 boards. They will be black. Simple. Simple but it will be that small detail that makes the piece stand out. Then went on to the color. I have the first one completed need to do a little more painting but the silhouette is there. Here are some snapshots from today.

For now I am keeping the acutual piece a surprise but it's red! Keep checking in for more. I promise to write daily. Keep you posted and in the end on the 29th of July all will officially revealed. Maybe sooner. And maybe little bits will appear in a photo or two. 

Tomorrow I work with collage. This shall be interesting. 

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