Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day Six - New Ideas Come to Life

Today I manged to print out some ideas. And start two new ones. Weekends will be the days I catch up. I can sit for hours and I love to do so, painting and creating my collages. 

Skies and trees are favorites of mine. This is the beginning of one I have been longing to paint. Another great thing about this project is working on ideas that have been dancing about in your mind. 

I think this one may become of favorite of mine. I was scared when I began. Had I chosen the right colors? Were these too dark? And where would the ravens go? This is just in the beginning stages. 

I am looking forward to day seven! Excited to get the finishing touches on the above and work on the collage ideas I have. 

I do hope you are enjoying these daily posts. 

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