Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Instagram World

Many of you may already know about instagram, many of you may only know of it as the company Facebook just brought for a billion dollars and still some of you may still be thinking, huh?! Well, let me introduce you to my Instragram world!

While their relationship is just beginning, I have been seriously involved with them for sometime, it all began on Facebook, so I am glad that their success is ever changed by them because my world has been. I want an iPhone just to have this app, (for now and until my phone plan is up) I have my iPad and my Canon PowerShot A2200 with adaptor. It not as "insta" as I would love it to be, but still allows my creativity to soar.

For those of you not familiar, Instagram is a photo sharing app that allows the user to take an photo on their smartphone ( it also available for the Android market) or iPad and instantly share. Basically, creating a moment in the life series of images. Instagram gives us another outlet for expression, it can take old and mistaken photographs make them new, it can take a new picture and make it old, all by filters on this app and how you see things.

For me, personally, it is a way I get the little things I see and want to share with others out there, from a leaf on the ground, a sunset, a moon set or even just a way to say Happy St Patrick's Day to friends. The filters are an added treat; blurring the edges, changing to black & white and even recreating a 1977 film look it is all there in the palm of your hands. The images have beautiful imperfections that I feel make everything better.

I am a film lover and always will be, but these new digital innovations are creating new ways of expressing ourselves as photographers, enhancing how we see things. I am following some outstanding photographers like drsmoothdeath, greymatters, cryingjune and Sam Horine, along with so many others on instragram.  They allow me a glimpse of places I have never seen but long too, of new ideas to try someday and sometimes just that smile that is needed after a long day.

I am a proud user of Instagram, swirlphoto, in case you are looking for me and invite all of you, if you haven't already to download this app and get to exploring! A little added plus, it is FREE!

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