Thursday, June 16, 2011

A 50/50 Adventure

Imagine you were given 50 6x6 boards and 50 days to create art. It wouldn't matter what medium you had choosen; photography, painting, metal or paper. You just need to have the inspiration and determination to complete them in the given time. Could you do it?

Coastal Wanderings, 50/50 2010

Recently, I had to ask myself if I could do it again. Could I? Could I create 50 photographs in the 50 days as I had done last year? Could I choose a theme that was as challenging as the last one? It appears I CAN and WILL! I was accepted into the third annual 50/50 show at Sanchez Art Center. Being one of 72 from the 117 entries, I feel honored at the opportunity to work on it again. Dewitt Chang, an artist and curator, from San Francisco was the juror. He, alone, selected the artists and I thank him, because once I had my theme in mind I really wanted to pursue it. As like last years, Coastal Wanderings, once I get my mind set on something, I rarely faulter from it.

Mile Rock Stairway, 2011

Stairways - San Franciso Soul is my 50/50 and it has been a desire of mine for sometime to be able to photograph the many stairs we have in the city. You may ask why, being a Pacifican born and bred, that I would have chosen this; a while back I came across a book, called Stairways Walks in San Francisco by Adah Bakalinsky. She has written a book that maps out walks thoughout the city which highlights it amazing stairs. I can't remember why I purchased the book, I just knew one day I would have the chance to do this. I even located the author of the book and spoke to her the other day on the phone, she is such a sweet lady and is even eagar to see the final pieces. We may even plan a walk together. This is what the 50/50 is all about, finding something new about yourself, your art and even making some new friends along the way.

Beginning this past Monday the 13th and ending on August 1st, I will be wandering through San Francisco neighborhoods. So far it has been a challenge, I have been exposed to angry drivers, who chase you down and my poor lack of map reading, while walking about. But it is all an adventure and when I look through the camera and find something I didn't even know I was looking at, it is all worth
it.  I always like that I can surprise myself.  I also like that I will be seeing a side of San Francisco, most may not even know is there; including little beaches and water fountains. From time to time I will let you know how this adventure goes and on opening night, August 26th I hope all who are able will attend.

St Francis Upper Fountain
Stairway, 2011

Mile Rock Beach, 2011

St Francis Upper Fountain


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